Internet Links


EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). The non-profit professional organization overseeing EMDR standards and training. Membership available with newsletter, journal, and listing at “Find A Therapist”. Certification process. Annual conference.

EMDR Institute. The for-profit training organization founded by Francine Shapiro. Source for research references, EMDR trainings, mailing list.

EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP). EMDR resources and publications.

EMDR Research Foundation. Founded in 2006, the EMDR Research Foundation is a registered 501c3 dedicated to the promotion of quality, unbiased research in EMDR.

Trauma and Psychology

Trauma Center. Founded by Bessel van der Kolk in Boston, MA

Child Trauma Academy. Founded by Bruce Perry in Houston, TX

Allan Schore website. Resources on Allan Schore’s work on affect regulation.

Mindfulness and Psychology

Mind & Life Institute. Begun in 1987 following conversations between the Dalai Lama and neuroscientists, the Mind & Life Institute has pioneered the field of contemplative science.

UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness. A multi-faceted program of clinical care, professional training, education, research and outreach.

Dan Siegel website. Resources on “Mindsight” and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Center for Investigating Healthy Minds. Founded by Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The Center engages in a broad program of research on the brain mechanisms underlying emotion and emotion regulation. Also involved in research on mindfulness and meditation.

Self-Compassion and Psychology

Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. Founded in 2012 by Kristen Neff and Christopher Germer, the Center provides information and training in Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), an 8-week program designed to cultivate self-compassion skills for daily life.

Compassionate Mind Foundation. Founded by Paul Gilbert in the U.K., the Foundation provides information and resources related to Compassionate Mind Training.

Christopher Germer website. Resources, articles and audio guided meditations.

Kristen Neff website. Includes the Self-Compassion test, research articles and many audio exercises.