EMDR Advanced Training

Guided Mindfulness Meditations

These mp3 recordings were made for an Awake Mind course for psychologists called “Meditation, Mindfulness, and EMDR” as a practice resource – but anyone can use them. Ideally, one would start at the beginning and continue sequentially, but it’s totally OK to construct a personal practice out of the ones that work for you in any order. (You can also download the entire series as one zipped file using the link at the bottom of this page.)

Mindfulness – An Introduction (12:44)

The first session introduces a basic sitting posture. Focusing our attention on the experience of our breath in our body, we then open our awareness beyond the breath to include everything happening in the present moment. This includes sounds, smells, and other perceptions. Focusing our attention cultivates stability and opening our awareness cultivates clarity.

Acceptance and Non-reactivity (10:06)

After becoming aware of our breath, we notice additional possibilities for mindfulness. The first is our ability to observe our experience from a still point of awareness. Next is an attitude of acceptance of whatever we are experiencing. Last is not reacting to what is happening – neither pushing unpleasant experience away nor grasping onto the pleasant.

Four Foundations of Mindfulness (17:13)

In this session we investigate the four foundations of mindfulness: body, emotion, thought, and sense perception. Noticing possible habitual patterns in each area of experience, we explore methods to shift our attention when feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, rigid, or dull.

Lying Down (17:37)

Lying down allows even more awareness and relaxation in our body. This meditation guides us gradually through the different areas of the body, noticing what we feel in each, and releasing tension down into the ground by making physical contact with the earth. “Melt into the earth.”

Sitting (6:01)

Returning to the sitting position, we notice the quality of awareness in our body after the lying down practice. We explore the meaning of stillness of body and mind, not being “frozen”, stiff, or fidgety, while still allowing natural micro-movements in the body. “Sit like a mountain.”

Standing (7:10)

The standing posture, basis of all martial arts, can also be used to feel grounded and relaxed. When distracted, we come back to the sensation of our feet on the earth. “Stand like a tree.”

Walking (7:16)

The final session, walking, is meditation in action. Notice how our attention is drawn out into the space around us and learn to come back to the sensation of our feet making contact with the earth. “Dance with reality.”

Link to download a zipped file containing all the meditations in mp3 format (88mb).